µTasker MODBUS Extension Module

Designed for flexibility, ease of use and efficiency, the µTasker MODBUS Extension Module contains everything required for just about any MODBUS requirement in a single file:
    • Multiple serial master and slave interfaces (limited only by processor UART availability)
    • Multiple slaves at each UART interface (each with its own slave address, resources and application interface)
    • Routing of received messages to other MODBUS master interfaces based on function codes, access ranges or other decisions
    • RS485 RTS control
    • Serial/serial bridge function
    • ASCII slave support via USB
    • Multiple master and slave TCP ports
    • Each slave TCP port supports multiple sessions (multiple master connections)
    • Configurable idle connection timeout on each TCP port
    • Multiple slaves on each TCP port (each with its own slave address, resources and application interface)
    • Slave gateway operation to TCP or serial MODBUS masters
    • Slave routing operation to multiple TCP or serial masters via a single TCP port
  • General
    • Autonomous handling of commands and requests or with application intervention
    • Coils and discrete elements can be optimally overlaid with registers (architecturally independent)
    • Simple generation of public MODBUS function data content, simplifying application interface
    • Supports delayed slave responses while external data is accessed
    • Complete MODBUS projects can be simulated in the µTasker simulator

What users have to say:
"Modbus is working, we are well under way with the project. The boards came in Thurs and with your libraries we had coded and tested all of the simple hardware functions by Fri night. Thank you for the help and the libraries, it saved enormous amounts of time."
Paul Harness, D M Engineering, Boulder CO 80303

Review the µTasker MODBUS User's Guide for complete details of the capabilities and use of this module.

This module can be purchased by licensed µTasker project users for a fee of $485 (for a single project) or $765 (full license).
The general licensing conditions are the same as for the µTasker base project, including personal email support.

The µTasker forum includes a board dedicated to discussions about MODBUS

For a 30 day evaluation period please contact us at

µTasker MODBUS self-test configuration as used by the simulator

µTasker MODBUS Extension Module. Copyright (c) 2014 M.J.Butcher Consulting