This Freescale tower board is based on the K80FN256VDCR which is a 150MHz device from the scalable and secure K80 family with Cortex-M4 core, USB, HW encryption and Tamper Detection. This K80 device has 256k Flash and 256k SRAM and is in an 121 pin XFPBGA package, whereby the K80 is also available in WLCSP or LQFP with 100 or 141 pins. There is a 12MHz crystal on the board for clocking the part.. The K80 supports crystal-less FS USB device based on its internal 48MHz IRC48M oscillator and USB clock recovery.

Full details and documentation for this board can be obtained from the Freescale web site: TWR-K80F150M

To configure the µTasker project for this board simply enable the define TWR_K80F150M in the project's config.h file. The compiler needs to be set to build for Cortex M4 (and not Cortex M0+) and the linker script K_256_256.ld should be selected [K_256_256_BM.ld for downloadable version] {the linker script extension may vary for different compilers, whereby *.ld is valid for GCC}

TWR-K80F150M Binaries

The board's support is presently in development. Watch this page for binary files that will be added.

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