KINETIS K, KL, KV, KM, KE, KEA - CortexTM M7, CortexTM M4, CortexTM M0+

NXP's (formerly Freescale Semiconductor) Kinetis family offers up to 240MHz operation, 1M SRAM and 2M FLASH together with on-board Ethernet with IEEE 1588, CAN, USB HS/FS OTG, FPU and encryption functions, various general purpose peripheral modules and low power modes.

Including ready-to-build projects for the following compilers/IDEs:

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Out-of-the-box support for

  • TRK-KEA8 / TRK-KEA64 / TRK-KEA128
  • FRDM-KE02Z / FRDM-KE02Z40M
  • TWR-KE18F / HVP-KE18F
  • FRDM-KL25Z / TWR-KL25Z48M / RD-KL25-AGMP01
  • FRDM-KL26Z / TEENSY LC (with KL26Z64)
  • FRDM-KL27Z / Coffeebrain Capuccino KL27 (with KL27Z256)
  • FRDM-KL28Z
  • FRDM-KL43Z / TWR-KL43Z48M
  • FRDM-KL46Z / TWR-KL46Z48M
  • FRDM-KL82Z / TWR-KL82Z72M
  • FRDM-K32L2A4S / FRDM-K32L2B3
  • TWR-KM34Z50M
  • TWR-KV10Z32 / FRDM-KV31F / TWR-KV31F120M / TWR-KV58F220M
  • TWR-KW21D256 / TWR-KW24D512 / / Hexiwear KW40Z
  • FRDM-K20D50M / TWR-K20D50M / TWR-K20D72M
  • TEENSY 3.1 (with K20DX256) / tinyK20 (with K20DX128)
  • TWR-K21D50M / TWR-K21F120M
  • FRDM-K22F / TWR-K22F120M/ Blaze (K22FN1M0)/ tinyK22 (K22FN512)
  • TWR-K24F120M
  • FRDM-K28F
  • KWIKSTIK / TWR-K40X256 / TWR-K40D100M
  • TWR-K53N512
  • TWR-K60N512 / TWR-K60D100M
  • TWR-K60F120M
  • EMCRAFT K61F150M
  • FRDM-K64F / TWR-K64F120M / TEENSY 3.5 / Hexiwear K64F
  • TWR-K65F180M / FRDM-K66F / TEENSY 3.6
  • TWR-K70F120M / EMCRAFT K70F120M
  • FRDM-K82F / TWR-K80F150M
  • The µTasker project allows you to immediately take advantage of this major force in embedded connectivity!

    The Kinetis support is available as µTasker processor project containing "Bare-minimum" boot loader, serial loader and the µTasker V1.4 application that operates on all supported devices and boards. This includes integrated µTasker OS, drivers, TCP/IP stack, USB device stack with flexible composite capability, utFAT, command line interface shell and many further features for a complete out-of-the-box project framework.

    The project is available as several options so use this list to select what is the best choice for yourself:

    Anonymous Open Source can be obtained on GITHUB at the following links -

    The use of the code and its ideas are completely free and unrestricted and this version is suitable for anyone who is not interested in support or the most up-to-date project features. It may be used for hobby or commerical work for gains as long as the headers are not removed, in accordance with the following OpenSource details.

    Hobby, educational and Personal uses the same Open Source version as above but includes support at the µTasker forum. Fill out the registration form to receive a forum account and general usage support.

    Free Commercial allows companies that don't normally allow purchasing supported software to benefit from project use in a "single" product developement. After filling out the registration form they receive temporary access to the development repository which includes newest features and device support and can use it for commercial gains with professional support via the NXP Kinetis forum as long as µTasker is mentioned in the thread's title.

    Commercial Evaluation allows 30 days of full development code access and full professional support in order to test the suitability of the project. After filling out the registration form both forum and repository access is granted. After the test period has expired the received project code can either be deleted (nothing else to do) or else royalty-free product licensing can be purchased to continue repository access and guarantee support when needed during the development/product life-cycle. See the following for complete licensing, pricing and support details, as well as further professional services.

    The µTasker serial boot loader (SD card, USB-MSD, USB-HID [KBOOT compatible], UART [KBOOT compatible or SREC], Ethernet - enable just one or mix them as you desire!) can be used with any application, so even if your Kinetis applications have been developed with other solutions the serial boot loader can be used - licensing only the serial loader part of the projects is possible, including support, and is discounted by 50%.

    See the following video for a quick start guide to the Kinetis K/KL/KE/KV package based on CodeWarrior use (valid for KDS too) to see how versatile and simple it is to get a project for any device/board running:

    µTasker Quick Start Video Guide for Kinetis and Codewarrior 10.5

    KDS Importing Guide.

    Here are some selected resources which may be of particular interest to owners of the original KWIKSTIK and K60 tower boards. For more details and references for many other parts and boards click on the links to the specific boards above. Registered users can also get latest development code for newest boards, devices, drivers and protocols on the Kinetis Developer's Page.

    µTasker Kinetis support. Copyright (c) 2004..2020 M.J.Butcher Consulting