This Freescale tower board is based on the KV31F512VLL12 which is a 120MHz device from the motor control and power conversion microcontrollers family (High Dynamic Control) with Cortex-M4 core. This KV31 device has 512k Flash and 96k SRAM and is in a 100 pin LQFP package, whereby the KV31 is also available in 64 LQFP package and its memory ranges from 128k..512k Flash and with 24k..96k SRAM or with a maximum frequency of 100MHz. There is an 8MHz crystal on the board for clocking the part.

Full details and documentation for this board can be obtained from the Freescale web site: TWR-KV31F120M

To configure the µTasker project for this board simply enable the define TWR_KV31F120M in the project's config.h file. The compiler needs to be set to build for Cortex M4 (and not Cortex M0+) and the linker script KV_512_96.ld should be selected [KV_512_96_BM.ld for downloadable version] {the linker script extension may vary for different compilers, whereby *.ld is valid for GCC}

TWR-KV31F120M Binaries

Here are some binary files that can be loaded to the board. These were built using the µTasker applications (serial loader and V1.4 application) and can be simply generated using the supported compilers/IDEs [these were built using GCC], built using different configuration options or modified to suit specific requirements or hardware derived from this board :

  • uTaskerSerialBoot_TWR-KV31F120M_KBOOT_UART.bin KBOOT compatible UART loading on UART 0 (via OpenSDA virtual COM) at 57'600 Baud [7.47k] allowing applications to be loaded at link address 0x28000 (using Freescale's KBOOT UART at 57'600 Baud). When operating, the green LED blinks at 5Hz. To force the loader reset the board with push button SW1 held down. To disable the watchdog reset the board with push button SW2 held down. This can be loaded using the TWR-KV31F120M's USB-MSD (OpenSDA) boot loader. Note that the loader limits application sizes to 48k - it can be built without limits using the µTasker project.
  • uTaskerV1.4.8_BM_TWR-KV31F120M_2800.bin TWR-KV31F120M application with command-line menu on UART0 [OpenSDA virtualCOM] (115'200 Baud) with various menu items including accelerometer output (I2C menu) and software based RTC (application menu) The processor runs at 120MHz [25.0k].
    Linked to 0x2800, this binary image can be loaded using the KBOOT loader's UART connections. When the application is running the green LED blinks at 2.5Hz.
  • uTaskerV1.4.8_BM_TWR-KV31F120M.bin The same TWR-KV31F120M application as stand-alone software that can be loaded using the TWR-KV31F120M's USB-MSD (OpenSDA) boot loader [26.0k].

Freescale 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Sensorless Control

This application incorporates Freescale's PMSM sensorless application in the µTasker framework, showing how existing code can be given added value for real project and product developments. The application, using Freescale's FreeMaster application for control and visibility: see 3-phase PMSM Sensorless Control Reference Design based on Kinetis KV, removes the dedicated polling UART interface from the original code and integrates the Freemaster connection with DMA based UARTs in a non-blocking environment.

Freeing the processor's main loop from the original application it now allows FreeMaster and the motor control operation to work alongside other project code and utilise dynamic low power features of the framework. This is shown by the low power UART (LPUART 0) being used for a command line interface.

The complete ready-to-build IAR project (due to the motor control library being available as IAR library) is available on application for users looking for an efficient path to move from the original demonstration to an industrialised solution. The µTasker framework adds about 4.5k code size to the original binary but adds a second application UART interface, watchdog task and non-blocking capabilities to enable efficient and modular application extensions or other µTasker features as and where needed.

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µTasker Kinetis TWR-KV31F120M support. Copyright (c) 2004..2018 M.J.Butcher Consulting